The Project

Al-Dabbah Project

This is the main project, consisting of about 6000 ha under irrigation. The main crops cultivated are Rhodes grass, Sudan grass, Alfalfa and wheat. Water is withdrew from the Nubian aquafer, the largest underground water resource in the world. Eighty boreholes that are drilled at least 300m deep into the desert land, supplying 300 cubic meters of water per hour. The irrigation system utilizes state of the art technology with specific advantages in desert circumstances unmatched by any other system in the world. Apart from the pumps the system has no mechanical parts and is fully automated. This makes it easy to operate and maintain. Through its unique manner of distribution and depositing water, practical experience showed that the system is 17% more water efficient than any conventional system.

Cattle Fattening Project

In a quest to add value to the forage production, a cattle fattening feedlot is being erected on the farm. Cattle will be bought from the local farmers, fed and sold as live and chilled beef to neighbouring countries. This will earn valuable foreign exchange for the country and the local farmers.