Jenaan Investment LLC

Jenaan Investment LLC was incorporated in 2005 with  its Head Quarters in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirate. The purpose of the incorporation was to invest in diversified types of Agro related projects playing a major role in the food security plan of the Abu Dhabi Government.

Over the past years Jenaan has witnessed a significant growth in its business and is now implementing a series of successful and ambitious strategies to expand and diversify its investments in agro-related projects, regionally and internationally.

Jenaan has a vision to become a world class organization and one of the international leading companies in the agriculture business, maintaining the highest quality standards of our products and services that will ensure our valuable clients’ satisfaction.

The mission statement is to develop and produce a diversified portfolio of agro-related products, technologically lead the industry, continuously improve production, product quality, and increase client satisfaction through optimal utilization of company resources.