Our History

Our History

These famous words were the driving force behind Amtaar, one of the largest single irrigation farms in Africa, covering over  6000 ha in the Sahara Desert in Sudan. In this very ambitious project Amtaar turned harsh desert land into lush, green pastures while benefiting the host country, Sudan.
Amtaar is financed by Jenaan Investment, an Abu Dhabi based company, which has various international ventures where forage is produced to contribute to food security for the UAE.
In line with this strategy Amtaar produces 10000 ton of forage monthly, while the Sudan economy and its people greatly benefit through direct foreign investment of $150 million and ongoing operations.
Amtaar started in 2010 with the construction of basic infrastructure such as roads, warehouses, accommodation, electricity and communication while earthmoving equipment levelled vast areas of ancient desert plains for the cultivation of forage and grains.
Today, the project has turned the uninhabitable desert into an oases with its own micro climate, with hundreds of birds and small animals emerging from nowhere to enjoy the splendour.
The dream became a reality!